Electric is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the fields of drive technology, industrial automation and robotics based in Kitakyushu, Japan. Founded in 1915, they see their selves as a pioneer in these sectors, always striving to optimize the productivity and efficiency of machines and industrial systems with their innovations.

For over 100 years now, YASKAWA products and solutions have been supporting automation in a wide variety of industrial processes including mining, mechanical engineering and toolmaking, as well as the automotive, packaging, wood processing, lift, textile and semiconductor industries.

The products of YASKAWA Electric are divided into 4 areas:
Motion Control (inverter drives, servo drives, servomotors, machine controllers), Robotics (industrial robots, service robots, robot systems), System Engineering (medium-voltage inverters, generators and converters) and Information Technology (software, information processing).

GA700 Drive Performance area from 0.55 kW to 630 kW

High Performance General Applications Drive, from 0.55 kW up to 630 kW
• 200 V and 400 V
• Side-by-side assembly without interspaces

• Integrated accessories (brake resistance [up to 75 kW], EMV filter, line filter [22 kW and more]
• Abbreviated set-up time thanks to assistance for commissioning
• Parameter management the PC or with Smartphone

• Control functionalities without PLC


GA500 Drive Performance area from 0.1 kW to 30 kW

AC Microdrive for Industrial and Elevators Applications Drive, from 0.1

kW to 30 kW
• 200 V and 400 V
easily integrated into systems and machinery
Fast Installation and Setup, embed various features
• Compact in size and flexible in terms of motor type and connectivity • Designed to easily master nearly any application
• Operating in 50 °C without derating


L1000A Drive  2-500 HP for IM or PM motor control

Elevators require a quality ride through smooth operation, high

speeds and higher cycle times.

• New sensor-less torque compensation function including anti- roback function, preventing shock and ensures a smooth start.

• New torque ripple suppression function for smooth start/stop and comfortable acceleration and declaration characteristics.

• Overshoot and anti-vibration control including feed forward function, accel/decel compensation and 5 independent S-curve

settings which ensure a perfectly smooth ride.

• UPS and high-load direction search function provide reliable rescue operation.

• New stationary Auto-Tuning with closed brake and roped elevator.

• One motor contactor solution in compliance with EN81-1.


The new MICRO PLC .

With its introduction the new MICRO PLC from VIPA Controls launches a new product series and again raises the segment of the VIPA MICRO controllers to a new level. Designed as a stand- alone PLC it stands out because of its modern design, its compact size, its high performance, and its high channel density. Thus the user receives a multiplicity of performance in a very small space and at a very attractive price. The new MICRO PLC will replace the well-proven but aging System 100V

V1000 Drive 1/8 - 25 HP, NEMA 1, OLV, V/f

Yaskawa's residential and escalator drives line are world-class compact

current vector drives that defines a new world standard. • High flux braking for 50% reduction of braking time.

• Quick response on load and speed changes to improve machine performance.

• Online Auto-Tuning to optimize for improved motor performance at low speed.

• Open Loop Vector Control for PM motor operation. • Safe Disable Input for Safe Torque OFF.



YASKAWA has developed and designed two new panel series: cloud Panel and smart Panel, to take account of current and future developments in the visualization market. The Franconian automation specialist has consciously intensified its focus on future technologies such as Cloud, WebVisu and Co.

Delta was founded in 1971 and has been the global leader in switching power supply solutions since 2002 and DC brushless fans since 2006.

Technical Control is the sole and exclusive agent for Netherland Brand Delta’s products in KSA. Supply, Install, Programming and electronic maintenance works for variable speed devices.


AC Drives

Our AC Motor Drive product line provides a full range of motor control technologies and is used throughout a wide range of industries, to enhance and improve machine automation.













Delta's elevator drives are equipped with a 32-bit high speed CPU providing fast response, large output torque, precise positioning control and many excellent features to ensure the elevator levels perfectly with each floor every time the door is opened.





HMI achieves rapid system development that simplifies wiring and installation, saves operating expenses, and makes systems more efficient, eliminating time-consuming adjustment and additional maintenance costs.


Delta's programmable logic controllers (PLC) offer high-speed, stable and highly reliable applications in all kinds of industrial automation machines.









Delta's UPS product portfolio includes one and three-phase UPSs as well as online and line-interactive systems. The full product range comes in four models based on load type:

  • Agilon family: for personal computers and peripherals
  • Amplon family: for servers and networking equipment
  • Ultron family: for data centers and industrial facilities
  • Modulon family: for modular UPS systems that offer scalability and redundancy in a single frame

Agilon ( lower than 1 kVA)

Amplon (higher than 1 kVA)

Modulon (Modular UPS)

Ultron ( higher than 10 kVA )

MiGun ST Co. is one of leading manufacturer and supplier in industrial weighing automation market. So we are supplying 100% Korean made product with high quality and responsible price with full required technical support 

Load cell designs can be distinguished according to the type of output signal generated (pneumatic, hydraulic, electric) or according to the way they detect weight (bending, shear, compression, tension, etc...). Indicators could be used as a controller (connected with PLC) or just indicator.

Load Cell









MTL601 / 602



MI 810

MI 4000A

MI 830

MI 4100A

MI 3000A

MI 4500A

MI 850

MI 711


As required by the German Codetermination Act, Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis. In infrastructure and industry solutions the company plays a pioneering role.












Solar Cell

Technical control provide installation of solar energy full projects which is considered to be the best solution for most even all the factories and the public places generally like hotels, malls and residential towers to face the crisis of rising electricity prices.